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      Christopher Chip King... Fairclough Realtors

Christopher Chip King's Bio:

  ABOUT CHRISTOPHER "CHIP" KING "Christopher Chip King is a walking, talking, singing, raconteuring, automobile-wielding encyclopedia of Real Estate. He also knows his business, truly enjoys it and does his homework. I would recommend no one else"... A More Than Satisfied Customer

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Christopher Chip King's Interests & Activities:

"I am, in fact, an educator... I will teach you how to buy or sell a home... How to get through the rigors of the process without getting mangled and beat up... from the listing of a home or the viewing of properties... to understanding a particular market area... to negotiating an offer... through the Attorney Review period... putting you in touch with"real"professionals... through home inspections issues... through appraisal... through C of O... to the closing table...                     You are paying me for this education."                          The simple equation is:            My Time + My Knowledge + My Enthusiasm    =   Value!!!  Christopher Chip King Fairclough, Realtors

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